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Ginger for export

The activities involved in processing ginger depend on the end product required. When the harvested rhizome is washed with boiling and dried later, the product is called dried ginger and this can be grinned to produce powdered ginger or can be used as a full dried ginger rhizome. The rhizome can also be processed as fresh ginger or be peeled.

The demand for ginger ale, ginger beer, ginger biscuits and other ginger flavoured products is expanding locally as well as on the international markets. You can set up a large scale ginger processing plant and realise more profit from exporting the processed ginger powdered concentrate than selling the raw ginger product. There is also an attractive local market for processed ginger by-products by beverages, food, confectionery and pharmaceutical factories in Nigeria.

Major raw materials required for ginger processing includes raw ginger which grows abundantly in Kaduna and Plateau states. Other raw materials are lime oils, lemon oil, acetone, ethanol glycerol, sucrose, sodium acetates and other chemicals can be sourced from the open markets in Nigeria.