A new standard in

Ginger farming

A new standard in​ ginger farming​

There are endless possibilities and ideas.

We help innovate Ginger Farming and Processing​

We are a value chain of Producers (Farmers), Processors, Traders and  Marketers (Exporters) with the intent to solely promote Organic Ginger Agri-Business from Nigeria

Ginger Farming

Our farmers use traditional and mechanized earth-friendly farming methods inspected by a nationally recognized agency to verify organic authenticity.

Ginger Processing

The demand for processed Ginger products is at its peak and we help our farmers in bringing finished products to the market

Ginger Marketing

Our vast knowledge and exposure in Ginger and Turmeric production, processing, and marketing have placed us in an advantaged position.


GGPMAN's vision is to be a voice in Growing,
Processing and Promoting Nigeria Organic Ginger

GGPMAN is at the forefront of pushing Nigeria’s Organic Ginger ta high standard that is acceptable both locally and internationally thereby, making Nigeria one of the highest Ginger producing nations in the World. 


Ginger is a good source of income as it can be cultivated anytime by rain or irrigation and has a good turnover.

Raw Materials

Used by many companies as raw materials for their finished products.

Foreign Exchange

A good source of foreign exchange as it is in high demand by other countries.

Cash Crop

An important cash crop grown in Nigeria for its aromatic rhizome.


Processed Ginger is used in Food, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals Industries.

Products and Services

We are a fast growing Association with diverse team members providing solutions to

Organic Ginger Cultivation in Commercial Quantities.

Processing and Export Services of Agricultural Commodities such as Organic Ginger. Turmeric and other related Spices.

Organic Ginger and Turmeric Improved Seeds Production

Warehousing of Agricultural Produce.

Grouping Farmers into Ginger Ecosystem Database.

Periodic Training of Farmers with Best Agricultural Practices and Modern Methods.

Our Story

Our Achievements so far and what we plan for the future


We cant wait to hear from you

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