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Ginger Growers, Processors and Marketers Association of Nigeria is a nodal Association of stakeholders of the Ginger value chain and is actively working to support farmers  and address the challenges faced by them to move up the value chain to be able to realise the higher returns. GGPMAN has over 200,000 registered Ginger farmer members spread across the country.

Our Association is into Agriculture value chain producers.  Over the years, the association has engaged in training of Ginger and Turmeric Farmers, Processors and Marketers.  Individuals and companies have been assisted to take advantage of the business opportunities available in these crops.  Export windows have been opened for interested exporters and farms have been managed for the farmers.  Our vast knowledge and exposure in Ginger and Turmeric production, processing and marketing has placed us in advantage position.

ginger ready for export
Ginger harvest

Our Vision

To be a voice in Growing, Processing and Promoting Nigeria Ginger to a high standard that is acceptable both locally and internationally.

Our Mission
  1. To reduce rural poverty through promotion of Ginger cultivation all over Nigeria.
  2. To increase interest of the Youth and Women participation in Agriculture.
  3. To help reduce unemployment among our Youths.
  4. To create empowerment opportunities for the Youths and Woman in Agriculture.
  5. To add value and promote Nigeria Ginger locally and Internationally through participating in International Trade Fair and Exhibitions.
  6. To create a steady cash flow for Ginger farmers and agricultural stakeholders.
  7. To promote Ginger farming (agriculture) as a sustainable means of livelihood in Nigeria.
  8. To make Ginger the most sought-after agricultural produce in Nigeria.
ginger plan at hand

Aims & Objectives

  • To set up a workable processing plant.
  • To give Nigeria Ginger its right value in International Market.
  • To build a working symbiotic relationship between Government and Ginger Farmers in Nigeria.
  • To bring Nigeria to topmost position in Ginger growing Nations.
  • To make Nigeria Ginger the highest Dollar spinning machine outside oil.
  • To promote Nigeria Ginger as raw material for health benefits.
  • To help in diversification of Nigeria’s economy.
  • To increase Nigeria’s agricultural finished products to the International market.

Economic Potentials

  • Potential to generate significant level of job creation.
  • Help in human training and development through employment
  • Potential to attract foreign investment
  • It will improve government revenue generation through tax
  • Will attract national and international recognition, hence, increasing business development.
  • It will enhance the effort of public-private partnerships working together for economic development.
heap of ginger crop

MoreAbout Us

GGPMAN has established a formidable network of Ginger farmers across the nation.

GGPMAN is working with some foreign agricbased businesses and service providers for smooth transition of Nigeria Ginger into the International market.

GGPMAN has a clear road map for achieving stated vision

  • Quality production
  • Increased productivity
  • Post-harvest practices to meet the export market quality
  • Nigeria based processing unit
  • Marketing and promotion plan

MeetOur Team

Amb. Dr. Florence Edwards - GGPMAN boss
A Doctor of Divinity, Theologian, Former school Teacher, Agriculturalist, A Farmer, Woman Leader and Humanitarian Advocate. She emerged as thefirst “Woman National President in Agriculture Commodities.”
MISS TAMAR YAHAYA National Deputy President
Ms Tamar Yahaya was born to the family of Mr and Mrs Yahaya Dogo of Kurmin Dangana in Kagarko LGA of Kaduna State. She attended the famous Command Children School, NMS, Zaria for her primary ...
MR ALI SAMUEL MAILAFIYA National General Secretary
Mr. Ali S. Mailafiya is an agrobusiness enthusiast who grew up in Nasarawa. He was born to the family of Rev and Mrs. Ali G. Mailafiya of Bassa Zarangi in Kokona LGA of Nasarawa State in Nigeria.
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CBN : Central Bank of Nigeria
Tak Integrated : Tak Integrated
SON : Standard Organisation of Nigeria
omek : omek
Nigerian Army Farms and Ranges : Nigerian Army Farms and Ranges
NACC : Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce
FMOH : Federal Ministry of Health
FMITI : Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade & Investment
Dantata : Dantata
BOA : Bank of Agriculture
AFAN : All Farmers Association of Nigeria
Unity bank : Unity bank