CBN – Anchor Borrowers Programme

CBN – Anchor Borrowers Programme – ABP

As Economic of Production (EOP) is 299,038.99 if the farmers use the inputs that is given to them judiciously, (Not shortchanging the crop or selling the inputs to make token money), and giving the crop what is required in the right quantity and at the right time, at harvest time, he will have 300 bags of fresh Organic Ginger.

The Off-takers will come and off-take this product at FARM GATE price at the rate of N2,500 per bag which is the amount fresh ginger should be sold in Kaduna Market per bag – ( using Kaduna harvest period sale as a yardstick). If 300 bags is sold at N2, 500 will give you N750,000 for half (½) hectare. Plus Nine percent Agriculture Loan Interest (9% CBN interest on the EOP (N299,038.99) is 26,913.51.

If you add the EOP and the CBN Interest it will give N325,952.50. If we remove N325,952.50 (which is our 100% recovery back to CBN) from the N750,000, Then farmers should be smiling home with N424,047.50 as their own dividend. With this breakdown, the programme is highly profitable and farmers are expected to do the needful and farm according to specification.

Farm inputs should not be abused or misused in anyway so as not to
affect the success or expected outcome of the programme.

We as GGPMAN have vowed by God that we must have 100% recovery, so all of us should do the needful for the success of the programme and for future continuity.


Fresh ginger

Ginger Dollar Making Crop

Ginger Growers Processors and Marketers Association of Nigeria is a value-chain of Producers (Farmers), Processors, Traders and Marketers (Exporters) with Dr Florence Edwards as the President. The Association was formed solely to promote Organic Ginger Agribusiness in Nigeria, based on encouraging Women and Youth Farmers. That is why GGPMAN is having women in the heads of affairs in all the states of the Federation as state’s chairperson, thereby leading to its Humanitarian services in the Value-chain. With great challenges, the Association was registered with CAC on 26th January 2016 as Ginger Growers and Marketers Association (latter added Processors and of Nigeria to its name) with its member across the 36 States of the Federation, including FCT. GGPMAN has membership strength of over 200 thousand across Nigeria. It is Agriculture Commodity which produces Ginger, Turmeric and Spices, as it is globally known that Nigeria is the third Ginger producing nation and that her Ginger is the spiciest Ginger in the whole world. GGPMAN is in CBN’s Anchor Borrowers Programme (ABP) with about 92,000 farmers to start Organic Ginger farming in a cluster form since 2018 (copy attached).

The Association has been in Partnership/Collaboration with Nigeria Army Farms and Ranches, US-Africa Trade Council, US-Nigeria Trade Council, Nigeria-America Chamber of Commerce, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SEDAN), All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN) African Food Spices Producers and Marketers Association, Turmeric Dealers Association of Nigeria, Spice Dealers Association of Nigeria, Bank of Agriculture, Unity Bank, GGPMAN is breaking the ideology that Ginger can only be grown in the Northern region of Nigeria with its aim to reach the Global Market.

As a National Association, we have tried not to labour our members with registration fee until they have gotten assistance or needed help from the Government. We GGPMAN have personally represented Nigeria in so many INTERNATIONAL FOOD EXHIBITION, TRADE FAIRS and SUMMITS all over the world. We have gone to Dubai Gulf Food and Dubai Gulf Food Manufacturers Annually (for Five Years in a roll), other Ginger Exhibitions in Turkey, China, Hungary, Russia (so many times), Kingdom of Bahrain, Republic of Singapore, United Kingdom, Nederland, India, Brazil.

We are poised with the aim of enriching and uplifting those Women and Youths in the Rural Areas (the original Grass-Root Farmers) as we seek to enrich both Women and Youths through Agriculture as women are known to be labourers on Ginger Farms and Processing Sites. With our NGO called WOMEN FARMING WITHOUT BORDERS INITIATIVES, GGPMAN aimed in giving back and empowering women, especially to become more proactive and productive, e.g. on the 23rd of December 2019, the Association went to Kagarko L.G in Kaduna State and gave Christmas gifts to 100 women i.e, 100 bags of rice, 4 Litres of groundnut oil (100 gallons), and 100 wrappers.

The interesting part of Ginger is that no cow dares to eat ginger, so ginger is not under cows or herdsmen’s threat as it can be left in the ground for two to three years without fear of destruction.


A good source of income as it can be cultivated anytime and has a short turnover period.

  • Used by many companies as a raw material for their finished products.
  • A good source of foreign exchange as it is exported to other countries.
  • An important cash crop is grown in Nigeria for its aromatic rhizome.
  • Used in pharmaceuticals for the production of important medicines and cosmetics.


*        Treatment of cold induced illnesses such as cough, cold, asthma and rheumatism.

*        Induces cell death in ovarian cancer cells.

*        Combats colorectal cancer.

*        Serves as a good immune booster.

*        Gives relief to gastrointestinal problems.

*        Anti-vomiting.

*        Used for pain relief.

*        Fights and relieves ulcer attacks.

*         Combats fungal infections.

*        Anti-inflammatory.

*        Lowers cholesterol level by reducing the absorption of cholesterol in the blood and liver.

*        Helps to improve blood circulation and reduce fat deposits in the arteries.

*        Effective appetite enhancer.

*        Used in the treatment of various stomach problems including upset stomach, gas, colic, nausea, morning sickness, motion sickness, vomiting after surgery and loss of appetite.