As Economic of Production (EOP) is 299,038.99 if the farmers use the inputs that is given to them judiciously, (Not shortchanging the crop or selling the inputs to make token money), and giving the crop what is required in the right quantity and at the right time, at harvest time, he will have 300 bags of fresh Organic Ginger.

The Off-takers will come and off-take this product at FARM GATE price at the rate of N2,500 per bag which is the amount fresh ginger should be sold in Kaduna Market per bag – ( using Kaduna harvest period sale as a yardstick). If 300 bags is sold at N2, 500 will give you N750,000 for half (½) hectare. Plus Nine percent Agriculture Loan Interest (9% CBN interest on the EOP (N299,038.99) is 26,913.51.

If you add the EOP and the CBN Interest it will give N325,952.50. If we remove N325,952.50 (which is our 100% recovery back to CBN) from the N750,000, Then farmers should be smiling home with N424,047.50 as their own dividend. With this breakdown, the programme is highly profitable and farmers are expected to do the needful and farm according to specification.

Farm inputs should not be abused or misused in anyway so as not to
affect the success or expected outcome of the programme.

We as GGPMAN have vowed by God that we must have 100% recovery, so all of us should do the needful for the success of the programme and for future continuity.